Need some help writing your own script?



However if you want a creative script, or really want to get the most out of your voice overs - leave it to us, the pros, for only an extra $45 with your order!

Our scriptwriters know all the tips and tricks to make your phone voice overs portray the perfect image of your company without being too wordy (which is a common mistake). They will research your company and write your draft voice overs with an outside perspective! They can help you figure out how your script should be formatted, how to write it to get your callers feeling a certain way.. and many other things that you might not be able to.


BUT - If you still want to do your own below are some tips that can really help!


What you SHOULD include
Picking the right voice
Don't use jargon
Be grammatically correct
Typical scripting mistakes
Do you have a jingle/sound byte?
Sound effects & creative scripting
Writing your script