Ohvo [On Hold Voice Overs] is a small phone voice over and on hold messaging business based in New Zealand. Though we seem new to the scene, we're actually attached to a leading radio production company and have been around since 2004! And though we seem small, we excel when it comes to providing professional voice overs for small to medium business' phone systems throughout New Zealand and Australia.

We have a professional recording studio and equipment, a vast skill-set, a pool of experienced and locally based voice talents; and never ending imaginations - so we know we can help you to the final result you're after for your business. Whether you're after a simple and comprehendible welcome message, or a complete creative phone experience - we will enjoy putting our resources to work for a great end result!

With our Kiwi attitude toward hard work and great customer service - we're prepared to look after you throughout the whole process from receiving your order to perfecting your script and getting you the final product in your Inbox ASAP.

At Ohvo we try and keep things as simple as possible, and that's why our pricing is right here on our website. If our website isn't as simple as we hope - simply give us a call. We can have a chat about how we can help, give you a free audit of your current phone experience, and even give you some tips - no problem at all.

The Ohvo team are approachable, creative, enjoy what they do, and most of all can't wait to help out!